Why would you grow a beard?

baard baardgroei bescherming mannelijkheid zelfvertrouwen

The image of men with beards began in the early 1850s. Back then there were already many men with beautiful, fully trimmed beards. Why? 

Because this shows masculinity, even back then! Having a beard says something about you, and what that is you mostly determine yourself! A chic mustache to look more sophisticated or a full beard to show that you are a real boss. Many men let their beards grow because it gives a certain amount of self confidence. It makes you look older so you finally get rid of that baby face which your friends have been teasing you about. In addition, many women find men with beards more attractive. So why not!?

What is the advantage of having a beard?

Besides the fact that you no longer have a baby face, having a beard also has more advantages. A big advances is that it prevents acne. Of course this is also something to do with hormones and genes, but it does help. It is a fact that shaving can make small wounds and if you do not keep the skin clean enough, pimples can appear. In addition, a beard partly protects against the sun's rays, it even ensures that less harmful substances and bacteria can enter your skin!

Beards have been in society for centuries and will always be around. We now live in a time where beards are very popular and a lot of people want one even though they are not able to grow a full beard. With our products we can help you to create that full beard and boost your confidence to another level!