Why is my beard not growing?

baard baard groei stimuleren baardgroei derma roller haarzakjes

Many young men and also adult men encounter the same problem, "my beard won't grow." The solution is actually easy.

How does beard growth work?

Some men have little beard growth and some have those spots that just won't grow. But the question is why? Why are you unable to do it, but your friends are?! If we want to get straight to the point, this has to do with your hormones and your genes. The beard growth process usually develops as soon as you enter puberty. When entering puberty the testosterone level in the body rises. This stimulates your hair follicles in your beard to start growing.

This of course does not mean that if your beard does not grow full you have a low testosterone level because the reason you can grow a beard straight away at a young age is pure genetic. So, at least you know it’s not your fault!

What can you do about it?

But this of does not mean that you cannot do anything about it! Because of the amazing products that we offer, we can help you to get that beautiful full beard! Hair growth can be stimulated by using a Derma Roller. This roller makes small holes in the skin and also touches the hair bags. This stimulates the ‘sleeping’ hair bags under the skin. First you must use the sanitizing spray to make sure no bacteria or other particles enter the skin. It also helps to use the beard oil to make it look shiny which makes the beard look fuller. Of course, you will not see a difference the first week, growing a beard takes time. Patience is the key.