The four week rule.

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You've probably heard it before," the important 4-week rule." but what is it really?

The four week rule speaks for itself. it usually takes four weeks for most beards to fully grow. This is mainly a reason why many men do not have a full beard because they do not finish those 4 weeks! Of course, it takes some getting used to and during the growth phase, you may find it doesn't look the way you want it to in most cases it starts to itch, but it's all about one thing. Patience!

What can you do against itching? 

The hairs that itch are hairs that curl back against your skin, which can cause it to become itchy. But luckily the skin will get used to it and the irritation will disappear after a few days. By using products such as a balm or oil, the hair will move less, which will also make it less itchy. So just get apply the right products and be patient! You can do it!