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Derma Roller

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Studies on the use of Derma Roller have shown that controlled micro needles on the skin helps the grow of hair follicles. Where your beard grows less in certain areas, the derma roller can ensure that these areas get extra attention so you can grow a full beard! 

Delivery Time:
Netherlands: 1-2 working days
Outside the Netherlands: 2-3 working days

The Derma Roller can help with the follwoing:

1. Premature aging;

2. Hyperpigmentation;

3. Pore size;

4. Hair loss;

5. Acne scars;

6. Shelving.


1. Disinfect the Derma Roller with hot water (not boiling) and with our sanitizing spray

2. Clean your face thoroughly;

3. Roll gently back and forth in each direction 10 times;

4. Wash your beard with hot, non-boiling water and clean the derma roller.

Please note!

Do not use this product every day, twice a week is more than enough!

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